UW Tower Show

I just helped hang some of my current work at the UW Tower, outside their cafe, on a lovely, soft yellow wall. Now, this is not to let you know that you can see it — because you can’t, unless you have an inside connection. But if you’re someone who frequents that cafe, please enjoy! The art will hang through September, along with a selection of other artists and work in the halls of this tall, secure building.

Hats off to the installation and coordination team there, and to the art committee, who spotted my work in Ballard, and agreed to having me show. They converted this pile of pieces and packaging, waiting on the loading dock, into a fine wall display!


Where: UW Tower cafe wall, 4333 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle
When: Early July through late September, 2019

Work on Display

These pieces are from my most recent series, Adaptive Horizons, which I wrote about here. All work is available for sale, courtesy of Lynn Hanson Gallery, and is listed as shown on the wall from left to right.

Anything look interesting? Other sizes & options might be possible. Get in touch via any method on my Contact page, and we’ll go from there — happy to help!

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