A Society of Artists

I’m not quite in the Groucho Marx camp of groups — I’d consider joining an art group that would have me. But who’s willing to take a non-traditional, media-mixing type like me?

Many long-established art groups are centered around a traditional definition of art-making. For example, the National Collage Society, which I might aspire to, defines collage as at least 50% paper & glue. Oops, not me! Another esteemed group, the Women Painters of Washington, would like work that is finished by hand. Unfortunately, I start by hand and finish digitally. I paint, but don’t consider myself a painter. Or a printmaker (Seattle Print Arts) or a photographer, and so on.

But just lately, I’ve found a few groups that might work, and are delightfully welcoming, of collage and Canadians.

My submission for week 2 of the Paris Collage Collective challenge

First, the Paris Collage Collective is an international collage community that includes both analog & digital work. Yes!! Not only that, it’s very equitable throughout, with no showcases or pay-to-play options. We collectively participate in a challenge, perhaps send some donation money in support. Look for a new challenge on their site every week, and join in on Instagram with the hashtag #pariscollagecollective.

Then I found the Society of Canadian Artists. They too are inclusive, accepting both Canadian residents and citizens, have an election process, AND online shows — perfect for me! I’m applying to their next show, and looking forward to submitting more.

Submitted to SCA for consideration for their online show: only a word

Of course, I have local groups here & there: my Eastside critique & support gang, my studio mates, my Artist Trust EDGE cohort, and the regulars I see on local art walks. But few of them share my medium, and being connected to these larger communities, while basically virtual, feels truly global. Have you found your online tribes?

Chime in!