Show: 20/20 Vision at CoCA

Three years ago, I was thrilled to be juried into the gallery show at CoCA in Pioneer Square. I’d just moved into the city and was reveling in such easy access to lots of art, and I thought — what if this wonderful organization needs help? Well they did: since that show, I’ve been pitching in as volunteer webmaster.

This year, I am in the gallery show again, still delighted, but with even more reason. First, many more of the artists I’m showing with are now familiar, thanks to organizations like CoCA that gather us together. I study the art and the creators, looking for my tribe, and my network has grown a bunch. Knowing so many more of the artists makes it more of a thrill to be showing with them, and even considering some of them peers.

Next, thanks to being able to help out there, it’s been an eye-opener to see what putting on a show of this size and breadth takes. All I do is put words and images onto the site, but I get an insider’s peek at all the other parts of the gallery. The curators work long hours pulling all the details together, to choose the pieces, line up the logistics, and hang the show, and I am in awe.

Finally, this show is special because of its juror, outgoing director, Nichole DeMent. Working with her on a weekly basis to keep the website current and representative of CoCA’s programming has been an honor. She’s been warm, inclusive, and so supportive of the arts. I wish her all kinds of success as she pivots to spend more time on her own endeavors, having given so much guidance to CoCA.

So, do join me if you can, to see compounded by straggling, courtesy of Lynn Hanson Gallery, on loan to CoCA for March and April.

  • March 5, 6-8 pm, as part of the First Thursday art walk in Pioneer Square
  • April 2, 6-9 pm, during First Thursday art walk
  • CoCA Gallery, 114 Third Avenue South, Seattle, 98104

Update: Due to the potential for coronavirus infections, I won’t be attending the main events in March. Let me know if you’d like to visit the gallery with me at a quieter time.

Further update: The gallery itself has closed through the spring. Please enjoy the show online here.

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