A Winter Retreat

Life is complicated these days, and restrictive. But, once a few things happened to line up, I found myself north, in the mountains. The purpose is to visit family as best we can, during the pandemic, and I am grateful that we have options to do so, when so many are stuck in place. But while we evaluate how we can help, I’m making it into an art retreat. As Susie Dent mentioned, this cold-season respite is what used to be called a hibernacle. What a great word that is!

While we’ve only been here since October, it managed to snow already, which I turned into a source of exploration within Adobe Lightroom.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I’d established a small work-from-home desk with some less-messy art supplies. To retreat up here, I brought as much as I could, but don’t have regular access to bigger supplies, like paper trimmers, or my trusty scanner. That leaves collage sketchbooks, to be filled, and modified, plus the usual shenanigans with digital layers, like this:

All this helps with my winter sanity plan, while we’re far from home. I’ve also got my eye on books, anything on Netflix, and lots of video calls with far-flung friends and family. What are your plans to get through a long winter hibernacle?

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