A New Palette?

This composition below, one of many built from pandemic sketches, called to me. Repeatedly. Loudly! But it hasn’t fit into any existing series: what am I to do with that? Until finally, I thought: I know what this piece is telling me. This is my new palette direction!

Or is it? When I was straightening up my studio recently, in preparation for visitors both virtual and actual, I spotted this piece hanging at the back of the room, almost hidden: good as a mile.

good as a mile: Digital collage by Liz Ruest, 101 layers
good as a mile: Digital collage, 101 layers

This is from a long series of square, gridded compositions, with much more structure and detail. But look at those teals, browns, and coral pinks! They’ve been there all along.

If I look back on recent creations, I’ve stayed with warm tones, especially a secondary color scheme of oranges, purples, and greens — all the rich fall colors. But I did notice my attention being pulled to pink each spring, what with it being blossoming season and all. My Instagram feed has been flecked with it, even though I’ve never considered pink a favorite color — way too girly for me. And when I look again, I see these colors recurring amidst the autumn tones, like this textured, collaged landscape.

Lately, though, it has been the pop color I notice. Look at the work of Anna Carll, for example. Yes, textures and lots going on — but the richness she creates in the pinks, oh my! Or Tom Climent — with the textures again, but that use of color. Not to mention Melinda Tidwell, who uses pink carefully and well.

So why these colors, now, even if they’re not that new? Over-analyzing might take away the fun, but one observation is that this is a very personal palette, coming right out of my own self (eyes, hair, skin). And the source of inspiration, also tending to a much more minimal composition, keeps pushing me to make more. Sometimes, it’s best to stop thinking too much and just surge ahead with experimenting. I’m ready for a new direction, and where it might lead. Onwards!

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  1. iHanna says:

    What ever it means it’s a beautiful palette! :)

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