What I’m Focused On Now

Mostly art, with technology boosts to stay in touch.

New Colors

Work in progress for my new palette

I’ve found notes going back to 2012 about my orange/green/purple palette, and you can see it in my work. But it’s time for something new, to address the call that pink is insistently making. More here.

Less Specificity

Along with the new palette, I’m trying fewer obvious hooks to real images and specific references, to see where I can get with editing down to just concepts, values, and composition. More here.

Continuing Series

Each of my existing series still feel quite current; they are all open to expansion, as I work on any new piece that might slot in.

Hybrid Models

I want to stay open to the idea of less shipping, less in-person, and more virtual, online wherever it makes more sense. With digital art to start with, it’s a serious choice to print, and one that I’d rather make with you directly. So, I continue to look for online-only shows, to post my work to Redbubble, and to offer video conference options.

At the same time, I’m all for less stuff, especially less plastic stuff. I’ve removed some product options from Redbubble, and am resisting printing digital work without a specific call to do so. The digital-only model at Sedition lends itself well to this.


Not just because of the pandemic, but certainly amplified by it, I’m interested in all the close & loose connections that make up the art world, and the world as a whole. I find it on Instagram, at local events when it’s safe to do so, and, delightfully, in one-on-one conversations that go into more depth. I’m also exploring Discord, Mastodon and Spoutible. Got any more ideas? Let me know.

Good Storytelling

When I’m not making art or figuring out what to do with it, I’m looking for compelling stories, and trying to remember what I’ve already seen and read. Here’s what I like for doing that:

Keeping It All Straight

I’m finally a convert to a large-scale search for ideas. I’ve moved from Evernote to (briefly) Airtable, and am now happily harnessing Notion to track anything and everything that comes through my mind. For art, whether created or collected, I like Artwork Archive; for money matters, Wave, and for keeping up with blogs, RSS reader NetVibes. I’d love to know what tools keep you saner.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for the idea for this page, in addition to his excellent blog & books.