A leaf, disintegrating into the pavement as we walk over it. The image: a search for transformations, that mirror the journey. The image has been re-levelled, posterized, had a gradient map applied, and texture layered on top. Still a leaf, but just barely.

Digital collage (c) 2012 Liz Ruest
Digital collage © 2012 Liz Ruest, 11 layers
From the 2012: Themes series


Exhibited at Windermere in Edmonds, July/August 2016
Exhibited at Surface Treatment, University House Issaquah, 2013-2014
Displayed at the Flying House sale, 2012

Unique signed, cropped 12″x12″ print on metallic paper, mounted under acrylic by Bumblejax: private collection.
Signed, cropped 6×6″ print on canvas under encaustic: private collection.
8×12 print on metallic paper: private collection
Signed 11″x14″ print on matte aluminum: private collection

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