exactly so

Chicago is definitely my kind of town! I accompanied a friend while she worked a conference; I gorged on art and photography all week.

This was my first experiment in matching collage and photographs. In this case, the vertical emphasis of the base collage lined up so well with a photo of the Chicago skyline.

To the base, with its gold, green, and red accents, and chalk texture finish, I added digital layers of details from my Chicago trip: a bridge tower along the river, a modern highrise, marble detailing from a mansion tour, and a closeup of a TIffany mosaic ceiling. Texture comes in through some monoprinted book text, a gray-green texture, and a final stone texture.

exactly so: Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest

Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest, 24 layers
Part of the 2014: Building Blocks series
Based on day 096 of my daily collage project, 2013-2014.

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