Adapting More Horizons

Despite not being a citizen here, I follow the local politics a little, at the very least to imagine how the view outside my window might change. And, among much other news, word came down that it would indeed change: more density is coming to the north. So I continue to adapt to my city landscapes, and ponder: what is landscape, and how do we adjust to it?

As I work on various pieces in progress, some of them lend themselves to an urban perspective, a series I started called Adaptive Horizons. It might be as simple as adding a building under construction, or removing a line of trees. But these days, as we have the same view day after day, I wonder: how long will cityscapes appeal? The venues and advantages of density have dissipated; what’s left is expensive square footage and access to health care.

These pieces speak to that additional complexity, and yet the sameness of our scenes outside each of our own windows. If you could change your view, would you?

See more about the series here, and all images in the series here.

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