keep him in

Can I interest you in a cool glass of something in the back garden? This piece feels like it goes with iced tea and a kindly neighbor to the rescue.

I started with a map of France, scraps from a book, soft mauve tissue paper, and some monoprinting strips for texture. Working from the mauve and tea colors as a cue, I added a sunset horizon, small frosted flowers, soft purple flowers and a tulip closeup to expand the botanical theme. Detail from a carved wooden panel in Edinburgh Castle stands in here for what might be a garden gate. Terracotta color echoes the warm tissue paper in the base layer, and stone and decaying textures add a sense of timelessness.
keep him in: Digital collage © 2014 Liz Ruest

Digital collage, 17 layers © 2014 Liz Ruest
From the 2014: Building Blocks series
Based on day 022 of my daily collage project, 2013-2014

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